Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
We, the international organization of concerned people, Boundless Hearts, demand respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Every human being has the inalienable right to live. The main obligation of any state is to ensure the safety of its citizens.
In this regard, we demand that the parties of the conflict agree to a compromise solution to the escalating military conflict in Ukraine in order to avoid bloodshed.
Participants of the conflict are urged to cease fire immediately and resume negotiations.
The parties to the conflict are obliged to implement compromise solutions aimed at meeting our official demands, taking into account international legal norms and principles, namely:

1. Russia commits to ensure the integrity of Ukraine, recognize referendums as invalid and guarantee the security of neighboring countries, in cooperation with international organizations.
2. Ukraine commits to guarantee the security of the Russian-speaking population and comply with the Minsk agreements.
3. NATO commits to guarantee Russia's security, not to expand eastward, and to resume partnership with Russia.
The requirement extends to observer governments, which are tasked with impartial monitoring of the implementation of the agreements, with appropriate sanctions for violators. Lack of meaningful diplomatic results should lead to the immediate resignation of governments that have shown ineffectiveness since the new agreement was concluded.
The terms for a peace settlement must be unambiguously interpreted, understood and accepted by all parties, taking into account the national interests of each country.

We urge all concerned people to spread the word about the resolution, sign the petition, and send an application to the reception desk of their government, either in free form or by the form in the "Instructions" section.
"Unity", an oracle of our century has said,
"can only be welded by iron and blood."
Well, we'll try welding it with love.
Let's see which lasts the longer.
F.I. Tutchev
Sign the petition
Civil society is possible where people express their views. Sign the international petition demanding the authorities of the countries involved in the conflict.
Eye for an eye and the world goes blind.
Mahatma Gandhi
People are not cannon fodder. Interethnic conflicts must be resolved exclusively through diplomacy and the rule of law. We stand for cooperation, development, and humanistic values. Representatives of the authorities must demonstrate these qualities as well as competence.
According to research by Erica Chenoweth, 3.5% of activists are enough for the situation to change direction.
We also believe that the resolution should be international and directed at the governments of all countries involved in the conflict and observers, because political differences are rarely entirely objective, and the value of human life must be absolute in the state system of any country.

Instructions for filing an appeal to the Office of the President of USA

You can send an appeal to the Presidential Reception Office:
Appeal template: https://clck.ru/32D7J2

Instructions for distribution to the mass media and local publishers:
If you have a connection to media representatives, opinion leaders, send them a press release from the movement.
If you have time, distribute the press release on social media (political groups and telegram-channels, neighborhood chats and communities, etc.).
if you want to get involved in spreading the resolution, email us:
Summary of the movement and participants (participating organizations, etc.)